Dr. Shoibal Chakraborty of Princeton University delivered a lecture on “Open source models and the development of associated website/computational infrastructure” on 16th November 2012.

CMSD Conducted a Seminar on Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics on September 2, 2010.

Mr. Y. V. Rao, Director, Systems Technology Group, CISCO, March 15, 2008 gave a talk on “Self-Defending Networks”.

Dr. Chaitan Baru, Director R&D San Diego Supercomputing Centre, USA delivered a lecture on Cyberinfrastructure in Science, on January 31, 2005 under Distinguished Lecture Series of University of Hyderabad.

Dr. John Feo, CRAY, USA, University of California, San Diego, delivered a lecture on Cascade-Towards Sustained Petaflops Computing, December 16, 2004.