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Vision of the Centre

“To be a Centre of excellence in Multidisciplinary research and training young minds in the fields of Computational Sciences, Modeling and Simulations using High-Performance Computing paradigms”

About CMSD

Simulation & scientific computing is the third pillar alongside theory and experiment in today’s science and engineering, and thus, computer-based simulations form an integral part of modern research methodology.  In this era of science-driven engineering, the role of scientific research, based on modelling, simulation and design, is of paramount importance. Industries and academics worldwide are gearing up to avail the challenging opportunities provided by this tool. The primary requisite in using the third avenue of research for solving complex problems was the state-of-the-art High-Performance Computing (HPC) centre.

Core Research Areas:

1. Computational Materials Science

2. Computational Chemistry

3. Big-Data Analysis and Data Science

4. Genetic Engineering

5. Atmospheric Science

6. Computational Mechanics and Fluid Dynamics

Who can use?

Any faculty member and a student of University of Hyderabad can potentially use this High Performance Computing facility, if the need is properly justified.