New Vistas in Drug Discovery

Date : 20 Jul 2019

The aim of this workshop was to introduce to the candidates the new developments that have been taking place in the area of drug discovery

such as drug repurposing, exploration of secondary binding sites etc. The workshop was planned in such a way that the first day of the workshop was devoted to lectures by domain experts from both academia and industry followed by hands-on-training on the second day using Schrodinger software suite for tools pertaining to the objectives of the workshop. The talks on drug repositioning and repurposing on the first day were interactive, engaging and informative. The second day of the workshop was hands-on training offered by M/s Schrodinger resource persons Dr. Prajwal Nandekar and Ms. Shelvia Malik. Participants were exposed to Schrodinger software suite for designing of small drugs and structure-based screening of potential inhibitors along with some case studies. At the end of the workshop, participants were satisfied with the training received. Based on the workshop feedback, the participants found this workshop useful and recommended that more such training workshops should be organized in future.