M.Tech. Modeling and Simulation

Simulation & scientific computing is the third pillar alongside theory and experiment in today's science and engineering, and thus, computer-based simulations form an integral part of modern research methodology.  In this era of science-driven engineering, the role of scientific research, based on modelling, simulation and design, is of paramount importance. Industries and academics worldwide are gearing up to avail the challenging opportunities provided by this tool. The primary requisite in using the third avenue of research for solving complex problems was the state-of-the-art High-Performance Computing (HPC) centre.

Based on the innovative proposal from the University, the UGC approved the establishment of the Center for Modeling, Simulation and Design (CMSD) in 2002, which was fuelled further by generous financial support from DST under its FIST programme. Since its inception, many National/international eminence scientists visited the centre and contributed a lot. Several papers in peered reviews journals are published using the HPC facility at the centre. Looking at the multi-disciplinary research done at CMSD and the contribution made by faculty members of various schools, it is decided to start M.Tech. Modeling and Simulation.

Four semester M.Tech. Modeling and Simulations is proposed under the auspices of CMSD, with the active participation of School of Computer and Information Sciences, School of Chemistry, School of Life Sciences and School of Engineering Science & Technology. The objective of the rogramme is to make students ready to take up jobs in the industry and R&D institutions or prepare them for higher studies in their domain of study. The course is designed to give students practical exposure and theoretical rigor equally. Students of this programme will be exposed to emerging areas that require expertise in computational techniques. The HPC resources of CMSD are uniquely suitable for this objective and should prove the ideal platform for this multi-disciplinary programme. The human resources generated from such efforts will be invaluable. The syllabus is designed keeping in mind today’s need with perfect balance of courses from various streams supported by HPC courses as core, and courses in AI and ML as electives. The Programme is approved by All India Council of Technical Education(AICTE)